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Our mission

Delivering an innovative approach to pet dog training.

There has been a dramatic rise in the number of working bred dogs living in pet homes, resulting in an increase in problem behaviours usually linked to insufficient stimulation. Owners often feel overwhelmed by a dogs instincts and are unsure on how to meet their needs. Our mission is to help dogs and owners reach their full potential so that they can adventure together.


Our priority is to provide dog training that works in the real world. We specialise in high drive dogs, empowering owners with the tools to develop engagement & motivation, reduce unwanted predatory behaviours, and create the optimal bond between human, dog and the great outdoors. Our methods teach dogs that they can satisfy their innate needs through cooperation with their handler, instead of creating outlets for themselves.

Hungarian Vizsla in the autumn forest. Pet in leaf fall. Atmospheric photo in nature.jpg
our trig-pillars of success

communication: Clear and consistent cues, marker words and visual signals showing dogs what we do, and don't want them to do. Promoting clear expectations and a positive mindset.

Relationship: Building strong relationships with dogs who look to us for guidance and value. Creating cooperation and promoting healthy partnerships & mindsets.

Motivation: Identifying what motivates dogs to perform behaviours and using it in training through harnessing instincts and genetics. Building motivation for work, food, and toys.

Wellness: Identifying and rectifying factors that could be contributing to behaviour, like nutrition, sleep, and environment.

meet the Team

Lucy - Trainer & Behaviour consultant

Lucy is the founder of Juno & Co, Cumbria. She has a BSc in Education, MSc in Psychology and is a Canine Science Behaviourist student with The School of Canine Science. She is also an accredited specialist in Canine Body Language and Puppy Training. Lucy's passion is working breeds living in pet homes. She has a Vizsla, Juno, which has led her to become a popular choice of trainer for those with HPR breeds.

Juno - Demo dog

You will often find Juno hanging out at classes or playing stooge dog in training sessions. Everyday is a school day for Juno, she loves training and is happiest when she has a job to do. She recently became a certified trick dog (NTD) and passed her Working Dog Foundation Certificate (LWDG). At the moment she is focusing on advanced obedience and scentwork, both of which she has taken in her stride.

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