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Border Collie puppy obedience training outdoors, dog training kendal cumbria

Bespoke training,

judgement free.

Obedience training is a fundamental aspect & responsibility of dog ownership. Without solid foundations, owners can find life with their dog pretty stressful - from lead pulling, predatory chasing, ignoring recall, unable to settle, or simply not listening in the face of distraction. Not resolving these issues can lead to big behavioural problems so investing in professional training will pay for years to come. Our obedience training breaks down teaching the foundation skills into 4 key parts; Communication, Relationship, Motivation & Wellness. 


We focus on providing practical and easy to follow solutions to achieve the results you want for you and your dogs lifestyle and individual needs. You will then be required to train on your own between sessions in order to see progressive development. Each session is one hour and takes place outside in real-life environments. This is a key part of our training philosophy and integral to building reliable, life-long behaviours despite distractions.​

  • 69 British pounds
  • 119 British pounds
  • 159 British pounds
  • 259 British pounds
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