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Blue German shepherd puppy dog training kendal cumbria

Change the behavior,

change the life

Our key goal to any behavioural modification is to identify the root cause of multifaceted problems such as reactivity, aggression or anxiety, and guide owners towards long-term impactful results for their dogs.


Behavioural Modification must begin with a consultation. This is a deep dive into your dogs life and helps to assess the cause of the behaviour, what is maintaining the behaviour and how to resolve the behaviour.  This involves a detailed pre-consultation questionnaire plus an in-person observation of the dog, as well as in depth discussions with those involved in your dogs daily routine. We don't just look at the behaviour, we build a full picture of all factors that could be contributing to your dogs behaviour, using our four pillars to success; communication, relationship, motivation and wellness. At the end of the consultation you will be provided with a brief write up of the consultation and ongoing rehabilitation work with our trainer can begin. 


Problem behaviours can be complicated and highly stressful for both dog and owners. Seeking help from a qualified professional is the safest way to guarantee any rehabilitation. Although complex, most behavioural issues can be resolved with the right knowledge and expertise in canine behaviour, training, endocrinology, physiology and body language. 

We work with a variety of behavioural problems, including reactivity, fears & phobias, noise anxiety, separation anxiety, resource guarding, demand barking, destructive behaviours and scavenging.

There are no travel costs for locations within 10 miles of Kendal. Additional travel costs will be invoiced for locations over 10 miles away.

NOTE: All new clients must book an initial consultation. Please only book additional sessions if you have had a consultation.

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