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Cute dog sitting at owner legs in autumn woods. Traveling with pet, loyal companion. Adora

fast forward your training

Training a dog can be stressful, time consuming and requires great timing and skill. Walk & Train takes off some of that pressure, making progress easier to achieve through the regular 1-1 time with a qualified dog trainer.

Walk & Train begins with a meet & greet in order to create a bespoke programme based on the individual needs of the dog and owner. The dog is then collected on the day, and Lucy will spend the time training your dog before returning the dog home. The training will look different depending on the dogs needs, but can include exposure to more challenging environments like the town centre, or dog park. At the end of each block, the owner will go through a handover procedure to ensure the training is reinforced at home. Owners will receive regular updates and videos of the training.

* This service is only available in the Kendal & surrounding areas. Clients must commit to a minimum of 1 weekly session for 1 month. 

walk & train


30 minutes


walk & train

6 months plus

1 hour


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