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Malinois Dog Sit Outdoors In Green Summer Grass Near Owner At Training. Well-raised and tr

Fast forward

your training.

Training a dog can be stressful and time consuming, particularly at the beginning of a training plan or during the early stages of modifying a behavioural issue where handler skills and timing are vital to success. Intensive training removes the stress and fast forwards your training, making progress more quickly, and even better - you still get to have your best companion at home with you.


Intensive training begins with a consultation in order to create a bespoke training programme based on the individual needs of the dog and owner. The dog is then collected each day, and Lucy will spend 3-4 hours working through the training programme in a variety of environments and contexts before returning the dog home. At the end of the programme the owner will go through a handover procedure to ensure the new skills and behaviours are continued at home. Owners will receive regular updates throughout the programme, and be provided with footage of the training. 

* Service only available in Kendal area

1 week

5 days 

Basic Obedience


4 week

20 days

Behaviour Modification


2 week

10 days

Advanced Obedience


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